Tuesday, 7 September 2010

on this very day - 15 years ago

1995. Agra. I arrived at the hostel  in Dayal Bagh and met 3 Japanese girls - speaking no language other than their own (later discovered, my roomate, Yuko, actually had learnt Hindi already) and an Italian girl. That day changed my life. Chiara, the Italian sister of mine is always in my heart. Even if we speak not for a year or two. She had her birthday the day I arrived. I was her bd gift :)

once I get my photos scanned, there will be a photo here, taken in Agra.

My dearest, meeri pyaari, mia carissima Chiaruccia, ti voglio tanto bene, ti aguro equilibrio, felicita, sii contenta di essere donna, madre, amante, moglie. Spero di rivederti nel futuro non tanto lontano :)

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