Thursday, 29 September 2011

Michaelmas/ Szent Mihály napja

In autumn Saint Michael with sword and with shield
Passes over meadow and orchard and field
He’s on the path of battle ’gainst darkness and strife,
He is the heavenly warrior, protector of life

The harvest let us gather with Michael’s aid,
The light he sheddeth fails not, nor does it fade
And when the corn is cut and meadows are bare
We’ll don Saint Michael’s armour and onward will fare

We are Saint Michael’s warriors with strong heart and mind,
We forge our way through darkness Saint Michaels to find
And there he stands in glory, Saint Michael we pray,
Lead us on to battle and show us thy way.

Mennyit énekeltük ezt Hyderabadban a harmadikosokkal! Nagyon ült náluk, csupa kis kolerikus...

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